born in vermont (before ben and jerry’s was cool) / found to possess artistic talent at an early age / art teacher is a nun / nun encourages him to draw nude women / graduates at the top of his high school class / changes major in college three times / gets better at drawing nude women / spends time in the amazon and galapagos / gets bit by monkey / hates monkeys / joins US Army as Cavalry Scout / drinks outstanding german beer / deployed to kosovo / wears stetson and spurs / flies in blackhawk helicopters / shoots big guns very well / tends bar in colorado / snowboards a lot / gets a job in hazmat / hates hazmat / buys first camera / moves to korea / teaches kids english / drinks terrible korean beer /  meets great korean lady / tells her he wants to be an artist / photographs everything from the great wall to the hermit kingdom / moves to san francisco to go to art school / amazing korean lady follows / shoots a lot of people… some nude / wins awards / featured in gallery shows / collaborates with spectacular people and brands / celebrates birth of beautiful baby girl / moves to portland / drinks the most delicious beer in the world / continues working with a military mindset to shoot, move, and communicate


The Man, the Myth.